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Company Overview :

 Job Vacancy: Digital Content and Communications Manager


JRA is seeking a Digital Content and Communications Manager for the job platform for hospitality and tourism; SiyahaJobs.Jo as well managing JRA social Media channels


Job title:                              Digital Content and Communications Manager


Job purpose:                      To manage SiyahaJobs.Jo and drive forward a content, communications, and engagement strategy to support the rapid growth of the job platform



The Digital Content and Communications Manager lead on delivering the content, communication, and engagement strategy to increase brand awareness, adoption, and usage of the job platform within the hospitality and tourism industry.


The role involves managing the job portal, delivering a content and communication strategy, and managing third-party partners to deliver an engagement strategy.  


The goal is to grow our following, drive registrations to the job portal (both employers and job seekers), and support SiyahaJobs.Jo in becoming the recognized job portal for the hospitality and tourism industry in Jordan and an established and effective tool that connects recruiting employers with job seekers.


Specific responsibilities and accountabilities


  • Develop and deliver a content strategy that supports the generation of fresh engaging content for the job platform including blogs, vacancies, and training programs
  • Present content so that it is relevant, user friendly and supports SEO efforts
  • Post and manage content on the platform via the bespoke Content Management System
  • Use Google Analytics to generate reports on usage, content, and other metrics to demonstrate achieved targets

Social media

  • Manage SiyahaJobs.Jo social media channels: Create and post high-quality content to attract, inform and engage an audience to increase reach and drive traffic to the job platform
  • Develop and implement a social media content calendar and communication plan
  • Develop and deliver effective paid-for social media campaigns that deliver a return on investment
  • Provide reporting and analysis on social media activity

Communications & engagement

  • Develop and deliver a communications and engagement plan to drive traffic to the portal
  • Engage with JRA members and tourism industry employers to drive them to register and regularly post vacancies to the portal
  • Engage with industry associations to develop partnerships that support the promotion of the job portal to wider tourism businesses
  • Identify and manage third-party partners responsible for the engagement of job seekers and employers
  • Engage with training providers, CSOs, and other organizations to encourage them to promote the job portal to job seekers
  • Create communication toolkits for partners/stakeholders to support the promotion of the job portal


  • Provide support to employers in account creation and maintenance
  • Administer job vacancy and training program listings
  • Answer user queries
  • Gather user feedback at regular intervals

Key performance indicators

·         Number of unique and repeat visits to the site

·         Number of employers registered and jobs advertised

·         Number of job applications and jobs secured

·         User content is up to date, engaging and relevant

·         Impact of social media campaigns

·         Customer queries responded in an efficient manner, meeting the agreed response times

 Skills and Experience

  • 3-4 years of experience in managing social media channels and growing an engaged audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Strong writing and communication skills in Arabic & English
  • Strong IT skills
  • Experience in growing and managing a job platform/recruitment website
  • Experience in content management systems to manage website content and audiences
  • Experience in managing paid ad campaigns on social media & Google
  • Experience in developing and delivering content and communication campaigns
  • Experience in engaging with employers on recruitment-related matters
  • Experience in developing and managing partnerships/third-parties
  • Understanding of SEO
  • Confident in the use of Google Analytics
  • Ability to use tools such as Canva to design and develop graphics
  • Experience in organizing training courses