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  • Madaba - Jordan

Company Overview :

Carob came to life from the strong urge to reconcile with nature and go back to basics: farming the land and growing our own food. We wanted to reconnect with our roots and revive our ancestors’ wisdom in cultivating tasty, nutritious food in harmony with nature.

Afterall, food is an essential facet of culture and what we eat is important – not only does it feed our bodies but food also nourishes our souls. We believe clean food should be widely available in the community as people seek to regain control of the source and quality that goes into their bodies. Yearning for change, and now demanding transparency, connection and realness in the foods we eat.

In this spirit, we have set sail to cultivate a soil-rich farm where plants, animals, insects and people all thrive together, and create a collective kitchen and food hub where the freshest and tastiest crops come together to fuel up our zeal for cooking and celebrate nutritious foods.

We can’t do it alone and therefore Carob connects with fellow farmers and artisan producers who share our ethos ensuring that the food supply is consistent with the quality we desire. Our biggest hope is to help channel nature’s nourishment to your body and soul and form a community that holds the utmost respect for nature.

Welcome to Nature’s tribe, welcome to Carob!